Load Plan Logistics​
Flatbed, Step Deck & Hotshot Freight
We are professionals!
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Experienced and Dedicated Professional Load Planners
Our Dispatch Supervisors Are Ex Drivers and O/Os  With Experience Doing What You Do

Flatbed, Stepdeck, Hotshot Professionals
From Oilfield to General Commodity Freight. We Have Freight For You

Lease Your Truck with us or Run with Your Own Authority
Some Lease With US For A While Then Get Their Own Authority
Either Way You Are In Business For Yourself

                                         Worry-Free Freight ​​
No more lost time and money trying to find and negotiate loads with brokers/shippers while your on the road. Load Plan Logistics will book loads for you while you are on the road. With your approval.

                                          Personalized Service
We build a personalized portfolio of your company so we can find you the freight to fit your business needs. We use this portfolio to represent you with direct customers and 3rd-party logistics providers.

                                  We will Earn Your Business
Load Plan Logistics works every day to earn your business, no long term contracts to sign. If you ever have any problems we will make every effort to satisfy them and meet your needs. However we also know that from time to time business changes. Let us know what you need to make your busness more profitable.

Do I have to use your services on every truck and every load?
Not at all. Many of our Carriers use us on an "as needed basis". The only thing we ask is that you give us as much time as possible ahead so we can better plan for your needs.